Correction Techniques

Problem : Swirls/Cobwebs

A common sight on most cars, but one that is (fairly) easily rectified.

Most swirls/Cobwebs are caused by poor wash technique.
Such as dirty wash water, causing the dirt to be trapped between the sponge and paint or in the drying process with dirt still on the paint being rubbed around as you dry.

Also drive through car washes (hand and machine).

To remove these we use the Porter Cable 7424 Dual Action polisher and specially imported polishes from the US and Germany which utilise ‘Diminishing Abrasive’ technology.

Problem : Light Scratches

You know the ones, you’ve driven to close to a bush, someones walked past a bit too close in the car park.
Its annoying, but it can be saved.

Using the same Imported Polishes, but using smaller pads on the Polisher we can remove/reduce the scratch (depending on how deep it is? if it can be felt with the finger nail it might be too far gone).

Problem : Engine

Often neglected as ‘no-one sees it’.
But a detailed engine bay can reap rewards, the mechanics prefer to work on a clean engine, it also makes the oil/water process easier as you dont have to spend loads of time cleaning yourself up afterwards.

Using products which comply with the United States strict VOC rules (Volatile Organic Gases) to safely remove grease and dirt. Then dressing to a nice Matt finish.

Problem : Bird Etchings

The quickest way to ruining paint is to leave bird bombs where they are.
The acid in the droppings eats through the clear coat, so when eventually washed off your left with ugly scars(see left)

Again by using the spot pads we can remove/greatly reduce the damage.

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